Natural Cosmetics & Food containing Bach Flowers

The secret of inner strength

The English physician Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936) was convinced that the cause of all illnesses could be found in a patient‘s mental and psychological state. He observed that flower essences can influence your mood, thus contributing to keeping you in good health, although to date there has been no scientific proof of this. Dr Bach defined 38 emotional states, allocated flowers to them and developed recipes for preparing and mixing the essences. These original recipes were developed further and adapted to the requirements of our time. Apart from Dr Bach‘s knowledge, these Bach flower elixirs have benefited from the wide-ranging experience of other famous naturopaths such as Paracelsus and Hildegard von Bingen. The result has been a wide range of Bach flower products, i.e. sweets, teas, elixirs and natural cosmetics, offering highquality Bach flower mixtures for every situation, of organic quality of course. The flowers for all FITNE organic Bach flower essences come from the highlands of Auvergne, where these plants can still grow undisturbed in an almost untouched environment. They are collected in the wild and carefully processed by hand, using the original method.