Nasal Wash

Nasal Wash

+ 20 Sachets of FITNE Natural Salt
For thorough cleansing of the nose
To prevent colds Eases allergy symptoms Easy to use

Traditional nasal irrigation has been used to clean the nasal mucosa in Far Eastern cultures for thousands of years. Modern medicine has now rediscovered this natural method of prevention and healing for upper respiratory tract ailments.

The working principle of nasal irrigation is based on the gentle but thorough clearing of the nasal mucous membranes of irritating or foreign particles. Used daily, a nasal rinse supports the natural cleaning and protective function of the nose and removes dust particles, allergens or pathogens by gentle rinsing.

Period of application: unlimited Nasal rinses with FITNE Nasal Wash are
easy to use
highly effective
hygienically faultless

Nasal rinses are proven:
to prevent colds
for pollen, household dust and mold allergies
for heavy dust exposure
for increased mucus and crusting in the nose
for dry nose
for nasal and paranasal sinus inflammations
for the tendency to snore due to catarrhal conditions

Application: 1 single-portion sachet FITNE natural salt and add 200 ml of lukewarm water to the nasal wash and stir. Put the nasal wash in one nostril and pour the solution into the nostril and allow it to flow out of the second.

Rinse the nose 1- 2 times a day as needed.

Additional information and detailed application information can be found in the packaging insert.

Contents: 1 Nasal wash + 20 sachets of FITNE Natural Salt of 1.8 g

Medical device: Keep out of the reach of children!