FITNE quality

Quality you can rely on

Wherever possible, ingredients from controlled organic sources are used. Food and dietary supplements with ingredients that are at least 95% of controlled organic origin may be certified with the organic stamp.

FITNE medications and medicinal products with ingredients of controlled organic origin have been given this seal of approval.

All FITNE cosmetics and body-care products comply with the strict BDIH criteria for „controlled natural cosmetics“. The development of products awarded the BDIH seal of approval for „controlled natural cosmetics“ must meet the highest standards for modern, natural and particularly well-tolerated skin-care products. This includes the use of natural raw materials such as vegetable oils, fat and wax, herbal and flower extracts or essential oils and aromas of controlled organic origin or collected in the wild. The ecological compatibility of each product is checked, i.e. the use of environmentally compatible and resourcesaving processes, the optimal bio-degradability of the raw materials and the sparing use of recyclable packaging materials. Wherever possible, FITNE products are made without animal-based raw materials. With only a few technologybased exceptions, the capsules used for FITNE food additives are of purely vegetable origin.Form.

FITNE products are gluten-free and lactose-free wherever possible (Intestine Plus Capsules are not lactose-free). FITNE products contain no genetically modified material, nor synthetic flavorings and preservatives. The quality of FITNE products is confirmed by positive ecological test certificates. Ecological tests evaluate cosmetic products, using criteria such as skin compatibility, along with ecological criteria such as environmental compatibility and toxin content.