FITNE Herpes Spray

Cold sore

Spray off the cold sore!
The natural and hygienic solution in case of cold sore
  • Inhibits the spreading of the cold sore virus
  • Promotes the drying and healing of cold sore blisters
  • Relieves itching

FITNE Cold sore Spray is a secure medical device for the external treatment of cold sore infections. The patented formula treats cold sore with three natural means: the mineral silicon, the trace element selenium and an advantageous pH value. From the first signs of a herpes infection (irritation, burning, itching) to crusting and healing, spray the affected areas 3 to at most 5 times each day, with one squirt per area. Spray FITNE Cold sore Spray onto the affected areas from a distance of about 5 cm.

Composition: Silicon dioxide, Citric acid, Sodium selenite corresponds to selenium
Adjuvants: water, maltodextrin and lemon flavoring

Vegan · Gluten-free · Lactose-free

Contents: 15ml